What to Expect

In addition to traditional mental health concerns, such as depression, anxiety and medical PTSD, our team focuses on helping patients reduce procedural anxiety, improve adherence to medical treatments, prepare for transitioning to adult-centered care and more self-management of their illness, and optimize life after diagnosis or cardiac interventions. 

When problems are identified, recommendations for treatment are provided. Scheduled follow-up with our team may occur or linkage to local services may be offered, particularly if a patient or family lives a distance from our center.   

Electrophysiology (EP)

  • Initial consult to assess coping and adjustment to ICD
  • In-clinic screening for mental health needs and support for patients with ICDs
  • In-clinic support for patients and families with ICDs

Pediatric Advanced Cardiac Therapies (PACT)

  • Pre-transplant psychosocial evaluations
  • In-clinic support for patients listed for transplant or on a ventricular assist device
  • In-clinic post-transplant follow-up as part of a multidisciplinary visit
  • Annual evaluations for patients listed for transplant
  • Annual evaluations for transplanted patients