Sports Nutrition

Young athletes need the right fuel to reach their potential. Check out these nutrition and hydration tips for athletes, including game day nutrition, recovery nutrition, nutrition tips for traveling athletes, and tips for stronger bones.

For athletes and families looking for more-customized recommendations and a way to navigate through all of the information available, we also offer one-on-one consultations with a sports dietitian, Kristen Gravani, MS, RD, CSSD. Kristen has extensive experience in sports nutrition at the collegiate level, providing nutrition counseling, education, and performance nutrition services to athletes and teams at Florida State University, the University of Washington, and Stanford University.

Kristen works closely with your child’s care team to improve injury recovery and optimize health and performance. She can help young athletes develop a plan for optimal nutrition and hydration during training, competition, and recovery. She also has expertise helping female athletes improve their nutrition and bone health.

Kristen practices at our Sunnyvale clinic. Patients with injuries can see pediatric sports medicine specialist Emily Kraus, MD, during the same visit. Please call your insurance provider for information on reimbursement. The rate for nutrition consultations is $200 per hour for new patients and $75 per half hour for follow-up visits. We offer the following packages: A $250 package that includes an initial comprehensive visit with one 30-minute follow-up visit ($25 savings), a $300 package that includes an initial comprehensive visit with two 30-minute follow-up visits ($50 savings), and a $350 package that includes an initial comprehensive visit with three 30-minute follow-up visits ($75 savings).

Please call (844) 41-ORTHO (67846) to schedule an appointment.