Our Services

Our state-of-the-art technology includes a 3D motion capture system, muscle-activity and movement retro-reflective markers, a pressure-sensing treadmill, a pitching mound and more. We work with athletes who participate in any sport at any level.

We help athletes who:

  • Are recovering from an injury and want to know when they will be ready to return to sport and how to come back stronger than before
  • Have a nagging injury that won’t go away
  • Are looking to improve their performance, strength, agility and speed

We start with an optional physical therapy evaluation to assess each athlete’s current strength and motion abilities. Then, after a warm up, athletes go through a series of increasingly challenging sports-related movements. The athletes wear retro-reflective markers, and our 3D motion capture system captures their movements as they jump and run on force plates. This helps us uncover potential problem spots that athletes can address to improve their strength, form and motion before returning to sport. We produce a detailed report with animations and a comprehensive written analysis of the athlete’s joint motions and forces.

Please call (408) 426-8124 or email MASPL@stanfordchildrens.org for information on referrals, pricing, and scheduling.