How to Connect to Virtual Visits with your Laptop/Desktop

Step 1: Log in to MyChart. To access the login page, please go to

connecting to virtual visits, Stanford Children's Health Telemedicine 

Step 2: Once logged in, select the child that is the patient for the virtual visit from the top icons.

viritual visit screen shot, Stanford Children's Health Telemedicine

Step 3: Go to the Visits tab and select Appointments and Visits.

Telehealth visits tab Stanford Children's Health Telemedicine

Step 4: Find the upcoming appointment and select Details.

Viritual Visits upcoming appointment screen shot

Step 5: Click on “Complete the self-test”.

Stanford Children's Health telehealth self-test

Step 6: Return to Appointment Details, click the “Update Information” button and complete all questions.

Update information Stanford Children's Health telehealth screen shot

Step 7: Click the “Back to Appointment Details” button, then click the “Connect to Telehealth Virtual Visit” link at the bottom of the instructions.

Back to Appointment details Stanford Children's Health telemedicine screen shot