Clubfoot Program

U.S. News & World Report - OrthopedicsWhether you learn about it during an ultrasound or you discover it during delivery, it can be both daunting and frightening to hear that your child has been diagnosed with clubfoot. At the Children’s Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center at Stanford Children’s Health, we have a team of world-renowned physicians and experts standing by to answer your questions and discuss treatment options.

Clubfoot is a condition, usually discovered in an ultrasound or at birth, in which the foot is malformed or rotated downward and turned inward.

Steven Frick, MD, chief of pediatric orthopedic surgery at Stanford Children’s Health, began studying treatments for clubfoot after his own child was diagnosed with the condition. In most instances, he and his team use the Ponseti method, a nonsurgical treatment that uses casts and braces to help the foot function normally without pain or lifelong disabilities.

Dr. Frick is recognized as a Ponseti doctor by the Ponseti International Association, an organization that works with patients and health care providers around the world. Dr. Frick is part of a team of leading pediatric surgery experts who specialize in clubfoot and other foot and ankle conditions. For example, Dr. James Gamble has been practicing for more than 35 years and has spent many of those years volunteering for Operation Rainbow, a charity that provides orthopedic surgery to children in the developing world, including many with clubfoot.

For new patients or parents with a prenatal clubfoot diagnosis made by ultrasound, we offer video or telephone consultations with Dr. Frick to learn more about clubfoot treatment options. Please email with any questions or to schedule a consultation.