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Fertility Research & Innovation

Clinical trials

Clinical trials are research studies that evaluate a new medical approach, device, drug, or other treatment. As a patient, you have access to the latest, advanced clinical trials.

The Center for Research on Women's Health and Reproductive Medicine is currently conducting the following clinical research studies in reproductive medicine:

The role of research in cutting-edge fertility treatment

Our dedication to research is the key to improving the quality of care that we provide our patients. Research drives us to constantly ask ourselves: What is the best way to solve a given problem? What is the best treatment for this patient? The ability to provide cutting-edge care customized for each patient stems from a knowledge of the latest advances and a willingness to challenge ourselves and ask why we are choosing a certain treatment, what other options are available, and what can I, as a physician and a research investigator, do to optimize this patient’s treatment and outcome?

Many of our providers are actively engaged in research to help provide the best possible care to our patients. Dr. Ruben Alvero is our Division Director and supports our faculty and trainees in their various research endeavors. Dr. Alvero’s research interests include non-invasive evaluation of embryo quality, PCOS, genetic causes of infertility and pregnancy loss, cost-effectiveness analysis, and the role of critical thinking in medical education.

Ruth Lathi, MD, is the Director of Research for Fertility and Reproductive Health and founder of the Stanford multispecialty Recurrent Pregnancy Loss program. Dr. Lathi’s current research involves investigating causes of unexplained pregnancy loss, endometrial receptivity and the impact of fertility treatment on maternal complications in pregnancy.

Dr. Lusy Aghajanova is a leader in the field of endometrial health. As a physician-scientist, she has long standing experience in endometrial research, with over 50 publications on the topic. She is interested in investigating the effect of endometrial pathology on infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss including biochemical and clinical miscarriages, and pregnancy complications.

Dr. Gaya Murugappan is engaged in biobanking initiatives through joint leadership of the RENEW Biobank with Dr. Barry Behr , a repository of excess embryos and reproductive tissue generated during IVF treatment, as well as leadership of the ROSE Biobank, a repository for excess human tissue obtained from research or clinical care for future research. Dr. Gaya Murugappan's research interests also include recurrent pregnancy loss and short- and long-term health outcomes of infertile women.

Dr. Steven Nakajima’s current research focus is on uterine lavage for the nonsurgical recovery of in vivo conceived embryos. A summary of this technique and the potential applications of uterine lavage can be found in his recent publications in Human Reproduction and Fertility Sterility, leading journals for research in the field of infertility.

Our In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Lab is also involved in innovative research. Lab director Barry Behr, PhD, HCLD, spearheaded research that uncovered new ways to keep embryos alive in the lab longer, which allowed doctors to better determine which embryos had the best chance of survival and made it possible to screen for genetic diseases. He and his team continue to research new ways to improve IVF and better measure the viability of sperm and eggs to make it easier for people to have children.

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