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Write on a sheet of paper 2 – 4 main words that best reflect the character of the enterprise or company for which the logo is created. Write down associations around each of them. In this way, a graphical thought map will be created, which will help you to choose the right form, colours, etc.

Once you know what your logo should be, start drawing. Sketch as much as you can. There are no better or worse designs at this stage, so don’t give up if you find an idea or association stupid. Then you can say that this is what you are looking for. Try different fonts (or create a few letters yourself, then you will draw them in vector) and signets. Don’t worry about colors for now. You will match them later in the graphics program.

If you think that you have exhausted all your ideas – rest. If possible, return to the project after a night’s sleep. On the second day you will have more distance to your work, so it will be easier to reject the worst ones. Your job as logo makers isn’t just to make the perfect logo but to also make professional logos.



Choose 2 – 3 best sketches and refine them in the graphics program, but remember to create in vector graphics environment (Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw). The logos made with this method can be freely enlarged without any loss of quality. When you feel that your logo is really good, you can finish the design process.

It is worth checking how the effect of our work will look like on the printout. Prepare a design and print two colour and black and white copies, preferably in different sizes. Check if each of them is legible. If not, you can make a correction yet. Customized logo designs take focus, it’s different when you’re creating a vintage logo that can be placed on a book cover or a tshirt design; you have pressure freelance logo designers don’t typically face. If you want to design such a logo, you can contact an agency such as FL


Seven golden logo design rules

Before designing a good logo, learn the seven most important principles that make it attractive and effective.

1) What characterizes a good logo most is the element of a sudden impact. The logo should be eye-catching and eye-catching. Recall the logo of the computer giant Apple – a recorded apple. A small detail determined brand recognition.


2) A good logo must simply be nice and aesthetic. One looks at such a logo with pleasure, not with forced attention. That is why artistic skills are essential in this case.

3) Sometimes we forget about it, but the logo should be legible and clearly visible not only on the website, but also on the company’s stationery, business cards, advertising brochures, posters and billboards. Design your logo so that it can be recognized on a sheet of paper and on an advertising pen.

4) The logo must bring to mind positive associations. This applies to the shapes and, above all, to the colours used. Thanks to a simple procedure, the whole company or project will evoke positive associations.

5) The subject matter of the logo is also important. If the company carries out serious activities, this should also be its logo. For a law firm you will not draw a clown.

6) Remembrance is one of the most important features of a good logo. And although it is influenced by many factors, it is sometimes worth putting oneself in the role of a consumer. Just look at the business logos of the world’s most popular brands such as McDonalds, Apple or Mercedes to see that the simpler the logo, the easier it is to remember it.



7) The logo identifies the brand in the consciousness of the recipient, so it is not worth making frequent changes. The money spent and time spent on building a good image of the company needs to be rethought. If you want the logo to accompany the company for years, take care of its timelessness already at the design stage.

Already know everything? Surely not….


Inspiration – look for and you will find it

Here is a list of sources I use frequently. It’s worth exploring thematic blogs and websites presenting the work of good graphic designers. Above all, good books and online courses….

Logo design books and manuals worth recommending:


National exhibitions of graphic symbols – collective elaboration – a brilliant position with a lot of inspiration. The best Polish logotypes collected over the years and presented during the exhibition. Currently, the edition of the book has been reissued. It is worth buying before it is sold out again in a few months 🙂 Especially since it is not known whether there will be another reprint.


Logo Design Love – David Airey – a mandatory book for every beginner logo designer. You’ll learn everthing from using logo colors, copyright ownership, logo templates, designs to choose, logo design tools, minimalist logo design, what a design requires, brand identity, business card design, how to be a winning designer, and more.


Smashing Magazine: Gareth Hardy, the logo designer’s handbook, as the name suggests, you will find here a whole lot of useful tips on how to design a logo step by step. Additionally, the book was created as part of the Smashing Magazine series. So you can be sure of its quality.

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